How to repire a laptop adapter charger

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Nowadays,A laptop are used anywhere in our life,Surfing the Internet, sending emails,watch the lastest moive on your vacation.However, without a power source, these would not be available. If the Laptop Charger is not working,this ia a usual problem. If the charger doesn’t work, it may no longer work to charge the computer and could become a fire hazard. Many laptop charger repairs can be completed without taking the computer to a repair shop.

step 1
Examine the hp dv6000 adapter charger to watch out for bent and frayed areas within the cord. Also have a look at the portion of the charger that plugs in to the computer to check if any pins are bent or grubby. Look at that plug that goes on the wall so the pins are secure and immediately.

step 2
Clean the portion in the charger that goes into your computer. If the metal components of the charger are dirty or bent, they will not properly connect within the computer, which shows that it may possibly not charge correctly. Utilize a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to be able to wipe the surface of the metal and pins.

step 3
Move any trapped or bent pins in the portion of the hp dv5000 adapter

step 4

Protect areas you are doing by laying decrease painter’s tape. Smooth sealer with the frayed area and let it dry according for the directions on the product label.

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